Unsolved mysteries

Mystery #1: Dead Birds
When we came home from France, there were two dead birds in our house. One was in the entryway, the other upstairs in our bedroom. I checked every single door and window, and all were closed and sealed tight. I have NO idea how these birds got into the house.

Mystery #2: Itchy Rash
I got a strange, horribly itchy rash when I was in France. I visited the doctor twice, took 3 prescription & 2 OTC medications, and spent almost 2 weeks in misery before it started to clear up. I suspect it was an allergic reaction (possibly a photoallergic eruption) to a sunscreen. Here are my reasons:

  • the reaction showed up only where I applied sunscreen (face, arms, chest, and back of the neck) but not on any other part of my body
  • the reaction wasn't immediate 
  • I got a rash, which took a few days to appear, when I applied sunscreen to my torso as an initial test

To test my hypothesis, I drew 3 circles on my leg with a marker and applied each of the 3 sunscreens I had been using. Then I sat in the sun for a good half hour.

look at those lovely original "tomette" tiles in our apartment!

A rash started appearing 2-3 days later in the top circle, where I had applied Equate Kids Lotion. I compared its ingredients against the other two products I did not react to, but I wasn't much closer to a solution. Each sunscreen had 20-30 ingredients and very few were the same! I haven't solved this one entirely, but I've been staying away from any Wal-Mart brand sunscreens. So far haven't had any reactions to Coppertone brands.

Mystery #3: Early Miscarriage?
The day we flew home from France, my period was due to start. I had saw some red spotting before I got on the plane and figured that was it. But then, for the next 6 days, I only had very light spotting. I figured it had been a really weird period.

Then a week after I got home, I got a really heavy period. Torrential is a better word. I was completely filling a Diva Cup every 2-3 hours. My flow continued for 9-10 days, and spotting continued almost until the 14th day.

I took a pregnancy test a few hours before the heavy flow began. It was negative, but that doesn't really prove anything either way. I strongly suspect this was an early miscarriage based on the timing and volume; my cycle is always regular within +/- 1 day.

So, what do you think about these three unsolved mysteries? Any additional ideas?


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