Home again

We flew back from France a week ago. I had the kids on my own again. It went something like this the whole way home:

Me: okay kids let's go. no running the wrong way on the moving sidewalks. Inga, wrong way! who needs to go pee? look, airplanes! I'm sorry that your ears hurt. try some gum to see if they will pop. no Dio you can't climb over the seat. watch out so your drink doesn't spill. Zari can you watch Inga while I use the bathroom? uh oh, Inga just ripped the magazine. look, Inga, a picture of a dog! yes, we're way up high in the sky, higher than the clouds. Dio please don't kick Zari. Could we get some more water please? (x 21 hours)

Eric: sleep. watch a movie. sleep. watch another movie. read a book. sleep. (x 21 hours)

The kids did okay on the first two flights, but by the third flight they were a mess. Zari's ears wouldn't pop and she was sobbing the whole time. Dio was shrieking because I made him stay buckled in when the light went on. Inga was screaming because 5 minutes after she finally fell asleep, Dio had to go to the bathroom and she woke when I got up to help him.

We traveled for 21 hours from start to finish, starting at 4 am. Eric got bumped on the way home--on purpose, so he could get vouchers--but that meant I was on my own the first night home. So you'd think we would all sleep like the dead after being awake for so long. But no. Dio woke up at 1:30 am (7:30 am French time) and was convinced it was time to be awake. Oh, and Zari and Inga both woke up multiple times that night, too. Thankfully we're all back on schedule now.

I've been working my way through 4 weeks of weeds in my gardens. It's hot hot hot here and unusually dry. I'm actually watering my plants, which you never do in this part of the country.

Coming up:

  • Notes on the rest of the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference
  • A set of book reviews about food, France, and raising children
  • Reviews of some new DVDs, from documentaries to prenatal bellydancing


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