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NARAL Pro-Choice America has designed a Facebook app that allows women to take control over their reproductive health. As a part of the healthcare overhaul and the implementation of Obamacare, the Department of Health and Human Services has the ability to require medical insurance carriers to offer birth control to women available at no cost. With the help of NARAL’s new app developed by Fission Strategy, it’s becoming a reality.

Who is NARAL Pro-Choice America?

For more than 45 years, NARAL Pro-Choice America has been a proponent of fighting for the reproductive rights for women. The group fights hard to make sure women have access to make personal decisions about their reproductive health. Pro-Choice means the group defends the rights of females in regards to the following; prevent unintended pregnancy with education and access to free or low-cost contraceptives, to elect legal abortion and to have access to prenatal care to have healthy babies.

NARAL’s BC4ME Campaign

NARAL Pro-Choice American Foundation launched a campaign called BC4ME to make sure the government actually follows through on the promise to provide improvements to the women’s access to vital health services. The app offers an interactive way for people to see how the change in policy could have real life impact.

What Does the App Do?

When NARAL launched the app on Facebook, more than 50,000 individuals contacted the Department of Health and Human Services to petition for free birth control. Thousands of people who made the request did so by using the NARAL Facebook app to communicate. The app lets a user see how much savings could take place in a lifetime with free birth control and it allows users to share that information with other people on their “Friends List.”

How to Use the App

The app is very easy to use. The first thing a person would do is pick exactly which person to calculate savings for. It could be themselves, a girlfriend, wife or even a granddaughter. Secondly, there is an area on the app to adjust for age, number of children and what kind of particular birth control is used.

The next step would identity how much money could be saved once the information about the birth control recipient has been entered. Some people find they could save as much as a year’s cost of groceries. After finding out how much money could be saved through free birth control, the user can post the results to their Facebook wall and then take action by sending the information to the Department of Human Services, asking them to make no-cost birth control available.


NARAL Pro-Choice America remains dedicated to ensuring women have all the access needed to maintain her rights in concerns to her reproductive health. The group is actively involved in promoting the Pro-Choice stance through lobbying congress, and through education and awareness campaigns, and strives to keep women appraised of their rights. Through active social media campaigns and their Facebook page, the group is a voice for women to have the right to make her own choices and personal decisions about what is best for her, in terms of reproductive health options.


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